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About Pam

Pams-Pet-Sitting-Service_Pam-FeldmanPamela Feldman is the owner of Pam’s Pet Sitting Service located in Vallejo, CA. After over 20 years in the travel industry, Pam jumped at the opportunity to fulfill a life-long dream of working with animals. Pam was actively involved in several animal-related organizations before starting her business in March 2009.

Pam loves the peace of mind that she brings her clients and pets. Her clients have told her time and time again how she is trusted and loved by their pets and their owners. Contact Pam today to see how you and your pet can benefit from Pam’s Pet Sitting Service TLC!!






Pam’s Pet Sitting Service Company Profile

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You want to hire a pet sitter or dog walker but you need one you can trust absolutely to do what they say they will when you’re not around to watch. That’s because the biggest complaint from consumers is sitters that don’t follow the specific requests made by the clients. Pam’s Pet Sitting Service in Vallejo CA is known for following client requests, punctuality, and reliability, and is the one most recommended most by the local animal businesses.  

Pam’s Pet Sitting Service in Vallejo, CA, The One Clients Trust
Pam’s Pet Sitting Service provides dog walking and pet visits to your home.  She explained to us that a big part of the company’s reputation for reliability is her willingness to follow client’s requests in a way that many others don’t. She shares, “The number one complaint I hear about other pet sitters is that they don’t follow the requests of the clients, so I make sure to follow them to a tee. I’ve even had clients say they could never vacation until they met me because they could never trust other pet sitters.”

Her reputation for trustworthiness and reliability has also made Pam Feldman and Pam’s Pet Sitting Service a local choice for in-home visits that include feeding, watering, walking, bringing in mail and newspapers, watering plants, changing lights and drapes to give your house a lived in look while you are away as a deterrent to crime.

“The pet businesses that recommend me always tell me that they hear nothing but good things about me.” 

Pam’s Pet Sitting Service: Trusted By Pets Too
Clients also say they love how much their animals adore Pam Feldman, meaning they’re happy in her care. “That’s important,” says Pam, “because no one wants to see their pet cringe or hide. It makes clients happy to see how glad their pets are always so glad to see me.”

And Pam says that trust is why she chose the profession. “Gaining the respect and love of the animals is the biggest reward for me. To see a dog that’s usually wary be jumping happily to see me is why I do what I do.”

“I’ve had people tell me that their last pet sitter never saw their cat on visits for years.  Those same cats want me to pet them on each visit.” 

It would be worth it to pay a lot more for Pam’s Pet Sitting Service given all the unique benefits but in reality the rates are extremely competitive. Pam says, “We’re more affordable than bigger companies even though we give more personalized service and care.”

Pam’s Pet Sitting Service in Vallejo CA is the pet sitter, dog walker and service for in-home pet visits that’s recommended by a top local veterinarian, known for reliability and responsiveness in following client’s instructions in way others aren’t, and praised by clients for how much their pets adore owner Pam Feldman. As Pam says, “Animals don’t just do okay when I take care of them. They thrive.”



We have been using Pam for a couple of years now for our three little furbabies, She is very reliable, and trustworthy. I am so thankful to have found her because when we do get the chance for getaways, it takes the worry off of my mind. Highly recommended!!!

- Karen K.