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Are you always worried about leaving home to go to work, for a vacation, a weekend getaway or any of such obligations because it requires you to leave your beloved pet behind? Well, there is a way out of your predicament and it is Pam’s pet sitting service which is committed to treating and taking care of your pet just like family, exactly the same way you consider them. You love your pet so much and you are probably skeptical about leaving them in some random person’s care but you really have nothing to worry about as Pam is not some random person, but a qualified veterinarian and a real...

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Reliable and Trusted Pet Care When You Can’t Be There

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Folks in the San Francisco Bay Area do love their pets. Their pets are an important part of their lives. But what do you do with your pets when you have to travel and can’t take them along? You could board them, say in a kennel but believe me, that is very much akin to being in jail. Sometimes your beloved pet can pick up fleas, ticks or even worse when put in such a place.   The ideal way to not traumatize your animals would be to have a trusted family member or friend look in on your pets at your home, but that can be tricky as well. You may not have a person like that available...

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Why Hire a Professional Pet Sitter to Take Care of Your Pet

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While you may be at home to give your pet the companionship it deserves, there are those times you are out for work or travel. Pets are created to be social friends and whenever they are left alone without anyone to attend to their needs, they may become depressed and lose quality of life. You can seek a professional pet sitting Vallejo, CA to take care of your pet at home.   Provide a stress free environment for the pet You may think that travelling or going to work with your pet makes her happy. However, this can create stress to the pet. At home is where she can find an ideal...

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Top 10 Dog and Cat Names!

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Check out this article that I found about the Top 10 Dog and Cat Names.  So true.  Love this! Source:  http://www.livescience.com/25992-2012-popular-pet-names.html Here are the top ten names for dogs and cats in order of more to less popular: Top Dog Names: Bella Max Buddy Daisy Bailey Coco Lucy Charlie Molly Rocky Top Cat Names: Kitty Bella Tiger Max Smokey Shadow Tigger Lucy Chloe Charlie Move over, Rover, there’s a new top dog in town, and her name is Bella. For 2012, the “Twilight Saga”-inspired moniker was the most popular for dogs and second-most popular for cats,...

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We have been using Pam for a couple of years now for our three little furbabies, She is very reliable, and trustworthy. I am so thankful to have found her because when we do get the chance for getaways, it takes the worry off of my mind. Highly recommended!!!

- Karen K.