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Why Hire a Professional Pet Sitter to Take Care of Your Pet

Posted by on Nov 12, 2015 in Blog | Comments Off

While you may be at home to give your pet the companionship it deserves, there are those times you are out for work or travel. Pets are created to be social friends and whenever they are left alone without anyone to attend to their needs, they may become depressed and lose quality of life. You can seek a professional pet sitting Vallejo, CA to take care of your pet at home.


Provide a stress free environment for the pet

You may think that travelling or going to work with your pet makes her happy. However, this can create stress to the pet. At home is where she can find an ideal environment to play around and rest. However, that is not enough. A pet needs someone to accompany her during that time you are away. A pet sitter comes in handy because he or she makes the pet happy thus reducing stress.


The pet’s diet and exercise routines aren’t interrupted

A pet needs to have a healthy diet and engage in exercises so that it remains in good shape. A pet sitter can help foster this by ensuring your pet’s eat the right food and strolls around to keep the metabolism rate high.


Reduce trauma to pet and the owners

No pet owner is comfortable when they know the animal friend is at home alone. The pet may also feel lonely and could deteriorate in health. In presence of a pet sitter, it ensures the owner that their pet does not experience trauma and stress.


Seeking the help of Pam’s Pet Sitting Service to take care of your pet ensures that you engage in your daily activities without worries. The pet continues to enjoy its home environment and maintains its good health— physically, mentally, and psychologically.



We have been using Pam for a couple of years now for our three little furbabies, She is very reliable, and trustworthy. I am so thankful to have found her because when we do get the chance for getaways, it takes the worry off of my mind. Highly recommended!!!

- Karen K.